Dear Marina Hotel Guests,

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the world of travel and hospitality to an abrupt standstill. As with most of our peers in our industry, we have temporarily suspended operations in our hotel and restaurants.

These have been among the saddest decisions for us to have ever taken. And yet, notwithstanding these challenging circumstances, we have been overwhelmed by the determination and loyalty of our colleagues who in spite of great personal sacrifice, are working hard to look after our hotel in anticipation of a return to business.

All of us are inspired by countless acts of self-sacrifice, hard work and generosity in the communities around our hotel, not least the medical professions battling to save lives, who we salute and thank.

Gradually, and always in line with directives from local authorities, we are going to reopen our hotel and restaurants. We will of course be returning to a new normal, one for which we are well prepared with new, detailed protocols focusing on health and hygiene in all aspects of a hotel and restaurant operation.

Once we reopen, we will be providing a detailed health & safety protocol, with all measures implemented in our hotel, which will be available on our website. Some of these guidelines will be highly visible in the style and form of service we will be offering to our guests. Others are intended to address all areas of the hotel including those not visited by our guests. In all cases, the health of our colleagues and guests is the more important consideration.

The desire to travel and go place will surely return – and we will be ready for you!

In anticipation, we have also updated our reservation and cancellation policies to provide more flexibility and peace of mind. For more information, please contact our reservations team, either via chat or via email.

Thank you from the Marina Hotel family for your continued loyalty and please remember:

When you are ready to travel, we are ready to welcome you.

Best wishes,