Welcome to Malta!

Known for its sparkling waters, great weather, welcoming people, exciting history and plethora of activities, Malta is a great place to visit – whether on business or for a holiday.

Malta is a tiny island – just 316 km2– in the very heart of the Mediterranean. Although small in size, it makes up for that in personality and the country attracts an incredible 1.5 million tourists every year.

While visiting, there is a lot for you to look forward to. The island’s history dates back some 7,000 years and provides hands-on access to stone structures that are even older than the Pyramids of Egypt! Of course there is a lot more to our history than that, and you can read about it here.

As is typical of Mediterranean living, the Maltese enjoy a laid-back and al fresco lifestyle. As a result, you’ll find everything you could want here – from gorgeous sandy beaches and excellent shopping, to top restaurants and a fantastic culture.